Keep-It-Simple Accounting Software

When it looks like recent data has disappeared from your Cashbook, it’s usually just human-error caused by one of the following:-

  • You’ve accidentally done a “Restore from Backup”
    If you’ve done this, then the file that you’ve restored has replaced your more up-to-date data file, meaning your most recent data has been overwritten and has reverted back to the point in time that the backup was made.Whenever a “Restore from Backup” is done, the file that gets replaced is saved as a “.OLD” file as a safeguard. To recover the “.OLD” file, please search in “Help” for “Restore From Backup”.
  • You’ve opened an old copy of your Cashbook data file by mistake
    If you’ve somehow opened an older copy of your file, then it may seem like you’ve suddenly lost all your recent data when in fact, it’s just in a different file.The way to resolve this is to search your hard drive(s) for all “.CB” files. Open each one you find, one at a time, and if you find the file with your up-to-date data in it, you should make sure you copy that file to the “Data File Folder” then open it again from there. By default, the “Data File Folder” is found here:-

C:\Users\<YourName>\Documents\Cashbook Data