Keep-It-Simple Accounting Software

This error usually indicates that you have recently opened your Cashbook data file directly from a removable drive (eg. USB flash drive) and that removable drive has since been removed or it’s drive letter has changed.  When this happens, Cashbook can’t locate your data, which results in the error.  Removable devices should only be used for backing up to — not for working from directly.

To fix this, please find your master Cashbook file on your hard drive and open it instead. You can do that as follows:-

  1. Exit the software first
  2. Browse to the “Cashbook Data” folder (which is usually in your “Documents” folder)
  3. Find your data file which has a .CB file extension (e.g. MyCompany.CB)
  4. Double-click your .CB file to start Cashbook Complete and your data file should open up as normal