Does Cashbook Complete work on a Mac?

Cashbook Complete is for Windows devices only.  Although you can run Windows on the Mac (using software like “Parallels Desktop” or “BootCamp”), the success rate for Cashbook customers using this type of setup is approximately 90%.

Does Cashbook Complete work with Windows 10?

Yes.  Cashbook Complete is fully compatible with Windows 10, as long as you’re using Version 6 or newer.  If you need to upgrade, click here. See more on the System Requirements page.

How much support do I get?

Technically, as a registered user, you are entitled to three free support queries. In reality however, we don’t count the number of queries that you make — but if you ring us too frequently, then we’ll start counting.

How does Cashbook Complete work for accountants?

If you’re an accountant, there’s no cost for you to work on your clients’ Cashbook data files.  For more about using Cashbook as an account, please see the Cashbook Complete for Acountants page.