Can I get a new unlock code?

The only time you would normally need a new code is if you’ve started a new cashbook file from scratch.  In that situation, you’ll need to purchase a new registration because the registration works on a per-cashbook file basis.

Can I use my existing unlock code to register another Cashbook?

No.  It’s not possible to re-use an existing code to register another data file (even if you’ve set up the new cashbook data file with the same organisation name you had when you purchased) because each data file needs to be registered (purchased) separately.

Can I get a new unlock code if I change my company name?

You don’t need a new code to change your company name.  If the name change relates to the same business/entity, and you need to make a trivial change to your company name (e.g. adding “Ltd”, or a minor spelling correction)

Can I use Cashbook Complete on a mobile / smartphone?

No.  Cashbook Complete is a desktop accounting program, so it needs to be installed on a computer or tablet with a full Windows operating system.  It’s not possible to run Cashbook Complete on a mobile or smartphone device.

Can I use Cashbook Complete on a tablet?

Yes. Cashbook Complete can work on any tablet that runs a full version of Windows, such as a Microsoft Surface.  However, it will not work on Apple iOS (e.g. iPad) or Android (e.g. GalaxyTab) based tablets.

Can I run Cashbook Complete on Linux?

Cashbook Complete has been designed for Windows only.  We have heard from some customers that it is possible to get it working on Linux, but it would require a computer technician to configure Linux to support Cashbook Complete.