License Agreement

Important: Please read this License carefully before using the software. The right to use this software is granted only if the customer agrees to the terms of this License. If you do not agree to the terms of this License, you must not use the software, and must remove it from your computer. However, use of this software indicates your complete and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions. Acclaim Software Ltd grants you a License to use a copy of the software subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. No title or ownership is conferred with this License.
  2. This License also applies to customised versions of the software. For customised versions all intellectual rights remain with Acclaim Software Ltd.
  3. The Software may only be copied using the original installation disks or installation file.
  4. You do not remove any copyright notices from any part of this software.
  5. This software is copyrighted and may not be disassembled, de-compiled, decrypted, or reverse engineered, or have its security tampered with.
  6. Any third party supplier of this software is a third party beneficiary of this License and may protect its rights against violations in this License.
  7. Acclaim Software Ltd reserves the right to terminate this License upon breach. In the event of termination of the License, all copies of the software must be returned or destroyed.
  8. Acclaim Software Ltd shall not be liable for lost profits, or for any incidental, special, or consequential damages caused by this software.
  9. You may not alter the software without the written consent of Acclaim Software Ltd.
  10. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement between the parties.
  11. Acclaim will not be held liable to fix any problems caused by faulty computer hardware, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Access, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, printer drivers, connections to the internet, or any software not made by Acclaim Software Ltd. When emailing directly out of the Cashbook, it is not the reponsibility of Acclaim Software Ltd to fix issues with the SMTP server to which it connects. If the SMTP server is not accepting email from the Cashbook because the user name is wrong, the password is wrong or anything else is wrong then it is not the reponsibility of Acclaim to fix it.
  12. Errors or omissions in the software will be fixed at Acclaims discretion.
  13. Acclaim does not warrant or guarantee that the software will meet the Licensee's requirements. The Licensee must check that the software meets their requirements before purchasing the software. No refunds are given.
  14. Prices and Support arrangements shown by the software or help file are updated from time to time. The latest information on prices and support are on our website.
  15. The registration is on a "per data file" basis, so each cashbook data file must be registered separately. Registrations are not transferable from one organisation name to another, and nor may a registration for one organisation be repurposed for another organisation. This includes Free registrations. Once one data file has been registered then all subsequent ones can be purchased for half the normal price. You should not start another data file for a new financial year (warnings are given in the software). If you do then you can purchase a new registration for half the normal price. Cashbook Home versions are no longer free and need to be registered at the current price.
  16. Acclaim reserves the right to restrict the functionality of the software for unregistered users, or for users who have not registered the software to the appropriate level, for or users who have tried to circumvent the registration logic, or for users who reverse their payments made through PayPal or for users that owe Acclaim money and don't pay.
  17. Free support is currently provided for issues that can be resolved quickly. Problems which take longer to resolve are charged out according to Acclaim's "Fair Use Policy". Acclaim reserves the right to change the support arrangements at any time in the future. There is a fee for TeamViewer sessions, analysing or repairing data files, upgrading very old files, recovering a password or giving temporary access to an expired file.
  18. Free support for unregistered users is given at Acclaims discretion.
  19. Free support is not to be used as a substitute for reading the help files or manual or for getting training when required.
  20. Support is given only in the English language, and is not given to people who do not have a basic understanding of how to operate their computer. Acclaim does not give support on how to download your bank statement from the internet because every bank is different. For that you must contact your bank.
  21. This License Agreement may change when the software is upgraded. The Licensee must check and accept the new License Agreement before upgrading.
  22. Upgrading of customisations is charged at Acclaims normal hourly rate.
  23. The Cashbook connects with Acclaim Software's server to check for version updates, registration details, bug reporting, the facilitation of the trial period and the facilitation of a registration subscription.
  24. If there is a special promotion in a specific country, it is your responsibility to make sure that your Regional Settings in the Setup Wizard are set to your country, otherwise the special promotion will not apply.
  25. Upgrades have been free, but Acclaim reserves the right to charge for upgrades in the future.
  26. Acclaim may add people that have asked for email support to our email list for newsletters and so on. This is because Acclaim has found that cashbook users don't keep their details up to date. If you do not want to receive any emails then you can click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.
  27. For GST Returns, VAT Returns and GST Calculation Sheets, the onus is on you to make sure the figures are correct. There may be some scenarios which are not handled by these reports, in which case they should be calculated manually.
  28. It is your responsibility to make sure that adequate backups are made - both to protect your data and to protect your registration which is stored in the data file. If you don't do your backups and your computer is stolen, or dies, or for any reason your data file is lost, and you don't have a copy of your registered data file, then you can purchase another registration for half the normal price.
  29. It is your responsibility to adhere to the "Fair Use Policy", and "Return Policy" as shown on our website(s).
  30. Acclaim Software Ltd may at any time choose to sell the software to another company, make the software open sourced (free) or shut the software down. If it is shut down then Acclaim Software Ltd will give three months notice to everyone who has an active email address.
  31. Acclaim Software Ltd has the right to take steps to prevent piracy. Anyone can be locked out of using the software if they a) use a registration code not provided by Acclaim Software Ltd, b) use a registration code for more than one file, c) use a file registered for one organisation to create a file for another organisation. In any case of suspected piracy it is up to the Licensee to provide Acclaim Software Ltd with information to show that they are a legitimate user. This may be a) the organisation name that was registered (an organisation can change but must be a similar type of organisation in the opinion of Acclaim Software Ltd), b) the email address that was used when registering, c) an invoice number. If an order is found which indicates that file was registered legitimately then the file will be unlocked by Acclaim Software Ltd. If an order is not found then it is up to the Licessee to purchase a registration if they want to continue using the software.
  32. This License agreement is subject to the laws of New Zealand and any disputes are to be settled using the New Zealand legal process.