Every company that sells accounting software says that their program is easy to use, but very few are.  Cashbook Complete’s ease of use is our most common compliment (see the Testimonials page).

Here’s what makes Cashbook so easy to use:-

  • No accounting skills are required
  • Simple terminology is used throughout the software
  • The screens have an easy uncluttered layout
  • The screens are intuitive to use
  • It has extensive Online Help
  • It has a comprehensive online Instruction Manual
  • Every item throughout Cashbook Complete has an explanation at the bottom of the screen, telling you how to use it
  • The Setup Wizard lets you configure a new cashbook quickly and easily
  • I have been using your fine program for a few months and can report it is one of the best pieces of software I have ever used. Considering I am hopeless when it comes to book keeping I have for the first time in my life got a grasp of what is actually happening on my accounts and business. You can quote me. :-))

    Chris Knight
  • Not only is your company's software great, but the customer support is fantastic. I have been recommending this software to all my friends with small businesses, and will continue to do so. Have a great holiday season.

    Louis Allen