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In order to email out invoices, quotes, etc., you first need to make sure you’ve entered the correct settings in the “Email Setup” screen.  Here’s how:-

  1. Click on the “Invoicing” menu (at the very top of the screen)
  2. Choose “Email Setup”
  3. Type your email address into the “Return Email Address” box

At this point, if you enter an email address from a common internet or email provider, then Cashbook will attempt to automatically configure all of the remaining settings for you, including the settings in the “Advanced” section.  However, you may still need to click the “Advanced” button to enter the password for your email account, if applicable.

If Cashbook is unable to automatically configure those settings for you, you can continue to set up these remaining options:-

  1. Copy Sent Emails To — Enter your own email address here to receive a copy of each invoice/statement you send to a customer.
  2. Enable Read Receipt — Set this option to “Yes” to receive a confirmation email once the recipient has received their email.  Please note that the recipient can choose whether they would like to send a confirmation or not, so it’s not a guarantee that the customer has received your email. If you do not want to receive a confirmation then set this option to “No”.
  3. SMTP Server — Enter the “SMTP Server” as provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  You must enter a valid SMTP Server in order to send emails from Cashbook.
  4. Advanced — Click the “Advanced” button if your email provider requires you to enter a username/password for outgoing email (most do).

Important:  If you cannot send emails from Cashbook, please confirm the settings you’re using with your internet or email provider, or refer to the SMTP Configuration page.  If you’re with Xtra (New Zealand), please see the Xtra page.

Watch a video tutorial on Email Setup.