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Cashbook Complete automatically keeps backups of your data files (called “Automated Backups”) in case you ever need to restore a backup and you cannot restore your own backup for some reason. If you have a recent backup that you’ve made yourself, we recommend trying to restore that first.

The automated backups are found in your “Cashbook Data” folder. For example: C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\Cashbook Data\Automated Backups

The newest backup has a .bk1 extension and the oldest has a .bk3 extension. There may also be .OLD files there, which can vary in age.

Restoring an Automated Backup:-

  1. Go to the “Automated Backups” folder
  2. Copy the automated backup file you want to use (e.g. “YourCompany.bk1”)
  3. Navigate back to the “Cashbook Data” folder and paste the file in there
  4. Right-click on the pasted file and choose “Rename”
  5. Change the file extension back to .cb (e.g. Rename “YourCompany.bk1” to “YourCompany.cb”)
  6. Make sure Cashbook is not running/open, then double-click the file you renamed. Cashbook will open the file for you to continue using like normal


  • For “step 5” above, if you have an existing .cb file in the “Cashbook Data” folder with the same file name, you may need to move/delete/rename the existing file first, or you can give the restored file a new name (e.g. “YourCompany1.cb”).
  • If you discover that your restored file has very old data, you can repeat the steps above, trying a different automated backup file each time.

If you need additional help, please contact support.