Keep-It-Simple Accounting Software

You don’t need a new code to change your company name.  If the name change relates to the same business/entity, and you need to make a trivial change to your company name (e.g. adding “Ltd”, or a minor spelling correction), then you can simply click “File” then “Setup Wizard” and change the “Organisation Name” on the “General Setup” screen.  If the name change is more significant than that and/or you’re unsure about how this might affect your registration, please contact support.

If you want to change the name because you want to account for a different entity, then you’ll need to start a new Cashbook file for that purpose. To do that, click on the “New” icon (at the top left of the screen in the software). Any new file you start will need to be registered separately for half price. Contact support for more details about this.