Keep-It-Simple Accounting Software

Fair Use Policy

Free Tech Support

We give free tech support for issues that can be answered in one minute by email.  If there are too many one minute emails from one person in too short a time then we will ask for a payment of $25.

Paid Tech Support

You will need to get paid tech support if your question cannot be handled quickly.

When you email us, we will ask you to pay:-

  1. $25 if we think that we can resolve your issue in under fifteen minutes
  2. $50 if we think that we can resolve your issue in around fifteen to thirty minutes
  3. $100 if we think that we can resolve your issue in around thirty to sixty minutes

For the $50 and $100 payments, if we resolve the issue faster than we thought then we will give you a credit which you can use next time you contact tech support.  If it takes longer then we thought we will ask you if you want us to carry on and if you say yes, then will ask you to pay more.  This is usually for MS Windows, MS Office or MS Access installation issues which off course are not our responsibility.

Registration Codes

When you purchase a permanent registration, your cashbook is registered for life.   The registration is stored in the data file, so you can move it around without having to re-register it.  If however your computer dies and you don’t have a backup, you can purchase another registration code for half the normal price.  Please therefore make sure that you do your backups.

Each organisation needs to have its own registration, so if you run multiple organisations on your computer they all need to be registered separately.  Once you have registered your first file for the full price you can register all subsequent ones for half the normal price.

Please do not start a new file at the end of the financial year.  This is because:-

  1. The new file won’t be registered
  2. Your sales history won’t carry through
  3. Your invoices outstanding won’t carry through
  4. Your customer history screens won’t carry through

If you start a new data file at the beginning of a new financial year and ignore the message clearly warning you not to do so, then you can purchase another registration for half the normal price.

Standard Fees

The following have a standard fee of $50:-

  1. Upgrading a very old file (version 4 or 5) to the latest version
  2. Repairing a corrupted file (where there are no backups)
  3. Recovering a password
  4. Giving temporary access to an expired file