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Cashbook Complete

If you’re new to Cashbook Complete, we would encourage you to take a look around this website to learn more about the software, it’s features and why so many people switch to us after trying other more complicated products.

As an accountant, there is no cost to you to use Cashbook Complete. If you don’t already have Cashbook Complete installed, you can simply download it here and then you can work directly on your client’s data with minimal fuss.

The process is simple but we’ve covered it in a little more detail below.

How Does it Work?

  1. Install Cashbook Complete for FREE
    If you don’t have it yet, click here to get the FREE download
  2. Enable “Accountant Mode”
    After installing Cashbook Complete, click on the “File” menu and choose “Accountant Mode”. Accountant Mode makes it so that when you’re working on a client’s data file, the version number of the data file stays the same. This means you can modify the file and send it back to them without any “version number” problems for the client.
  3. Get Your Client’s Data File (*.CB file)
    Your client can either email their data file to you, or they can provide you with a physical backup of their data file. We recommend that you save the data file to the “Cashbook Data” folder in your “Documents” folder.
  4. Open Your Client’s Data
    Click the “Open” button near the top-left of the screen (or choose “Open Cashbook” option from the “File” menu in the software) and select your client’s data file to open *

* If your client’s data file is registered, then it remains registered on your computer, too. If their data file is not registered, you’ll be using the client’s data file on a trial basis (just like the client is) but you’ll still have access to all the information (provided their trial hasn’t expired yet).

You can keep Cashbook Complete installed on your computer forever at no cost. Just use it to open your clients’ files as often as required.

Common Questions from Accountants

  • Where should I save a client’s data file?
    The best place to save a Cashbook data file is in the “Cashbook Data” folder in your “Documents” folder.
  • Can my client share their data file with me over the cloud?
    If your client uses Cashbook Complete with Dropbox or Google Drive, then they can share their data file with you that way. For more information, see Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Can I import the Cashbook data into my accounting software?
    Cashbook’s data files are not compatible with accounting programs like MYOB Accountants Office or similar. However, you can open the data file in Cashbook Complete and either produce the physical reports you need, or use the “Spreadsheet View” feature in the “Report Writer” to copy/paste the data from Cashbook into another program (such as Excel, etc.).
  • Where is Cashbook Complete made?
    Cashbook Complete is developed in Auckland, New Zealand and is sold throughout the world.

If there’s anything we haven’t covered that you would like help with, please contact us — we’re happy to help.